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We collect all types of waste oil using our network and a dedicated waste oil tanker fleet across the state of QATAR. No other waste oil company is in your area as often as we are. This means we can respond quickly and efficiently to all collection requests. Whether it's a single drum of waste industrial oil or a full tank of waste engine oil, "WATHNAN INDUSTRIES OIL" will collect.


(Industries, Fleet Services, Garages & Petrol Stations)

  • Collection of used oil for large or small quantities across the State of QATAR
  • We are available to take waste oils from garages, industrial factories, engineering facilities, automotive and agricultural industries as well as ships, ferries, cargo vessels to the smallest of fishing boats
  • Guaranteed collections within 48 hrs of intimation of order

When you choose "WATHNAN INDUSTRIES OIL", you are choosing expertise, service excellence and a true commitment to best practice environmental compliance. Relying on us for all your waste oil disposal needs, frees you to focus on your own business.

"WATHNAN INDUSTRIES OIL" unique service offer combines automotive and industrial waste oil collection ensuring your total peace of mind that comes as standard for "WATHNAN INDUSTRIES OIL" customers.

As a specialist provider with its own wide range of logistics facility to address a diverse range of applications and utilising all of our experience (more than 03 years) we will strive to deliver outstanding value, in result which will help following industries to get rid of their waste oils.

Our customer base is extensive and underpins our experience in a wide range of industries meaning selecting "WATHNAN INDUSTRIES OIL" as your Waste oil disposer application partner is the only choice.

Types of Waste Oil We Collect
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Medium and Light Fuel Oils
  • Waste Diesel / Gas Oil
  • Automotive Waste Oils
  • Gearbox Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Electrical Insulation Oils
  • Heavy Fuel Oils
  • Kerosene
  • Turbine Oils