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A healthy economic scenario and a robust oil industry laid the ground for realizing Wathnan Industries OIL in 2016 in the State of QATAR, the way the founders envisaged it to be. Today, with its own fleet of tankers, an efficient logistics network and tie-up with renowned refineries, Wathnan Industries has steadily grown to be the pioneering solution provider for petrochemical sector


We provide unrivalled quality products and excellent services, leading the way with the latest innovations. The cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy is to manage and minimize risk.

We assess and analyse in detail, all aspects of all projects with great precision and integrity, thus reducing the cost of operation, improving production level and safeguarding the environment.

We strive to maintain a high standard of performance, along with safety, integrity and quality service to all our clients without exceptions. The customer-oriented determination and aspiration to develop new products for emerging market has helped us enhancing the number of satisfied customers. We could develop a close trading relationship with many oil majors from Aviation to Automotive to Bitumen Manufacturers throughout the region.


  • Sheer Professionalism & Innovations
  • Self-motivated Team Work & Synergy
  • Great precision and integrity
  • Environment friendly
  • Health & Safety

Our Vision
To be the top most solution provider in the Energy Sector by up keeping the corporate responsibility towards the society and caring for the nature.
Our Mission
Wathnan Industries OIL is committed to harness the value in every sphere of the energy chain for the existing and prospective clients through our integrated team effort by making the optimum utilization of all available resources in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
Wathnan Industries Oil Promise

To offer environmentally friendly products: Promote and encourage users to opt for biodegradable and environment friendly products so as to reduce the impact of chemicals used in lubricants to the environment.

Reduction of fuel consumption: Promote and encourage users to opt for lubricants that improve efficiency of machines thereby reducing energy consumption of equipment.

Adopting the latest technology: We are committed to adopt the latest technology in this field to ensure the best products and service to our customers.

The Wathnan Industries OIL way of performing: We have taken an oath to reinforce credibility by delivering quality service through operational excellence.

Wathnan Industries Oil Culture

People contribute when they relate themselves to the organization and they relate only when they understand and realise the genuineness and integrity of the organization and its systems and process towards the society and the people working inside.

We promote Passion, Customer focus, Integrity, discipline and actions in right time. These together constitute what we call “Values” which eventually becomes the corporate culture itself.

Wathnan Industries Oil Philosophy

Wathnan Industries OIL believes that the protection of the environment, safety and health of its employees as well others involved in its operations is an integral part of its business and operations.